Our platform protects your design data in ways not achievable in the past.

How your design and product data is protected?

All files are secured

We store and backup all your data in our secure servers. Only registered and shortlisted manufacturers can access your project when published.

Your files, your rights

We don't claim any rights for the intellectual property submitted to our platform. Plus, register your data in the blockchain.

NDAs with manufacturers

All of our manufacturers are vetted prior to joining the platform and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to protect your data.

Protection through technology

As opposed to traditional email communications, our digital platform allows us to restrict and track who can access and download your project files.

We also offer access to blockchain technology to allow you to register your project data submitted on the platform.

Working with safer tools

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the security of our client’s data.

Technology allows us to explore different technologies that will allow you to effortlessly share confidential files, dynamically restrict access to your private data or encrypt your files.

Stay tuned for more! 

Blockchain technology at your hands

Use our blockchain feature to register your project data and prove ownership of your project in our platform.

  1. You will be able to choose this option while creating a new project on our platform.
  2. The platform automatically generates a hash and URL  for your data stored in the blockchain.
  3. You, or anyone that you share the hash and URL with, will be able to check the owner of the project and the creation date.

By using Blockchain we guarantee that your project is completely verifiable, unfalsifiable and transparent, as the set of technologies used in Blockchain are able to maintain a distributed, decentralized and synchronized record in every moment, where your information is immutable, which offers great security at the time of registering your project in Abilista.

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