Welcome to Abilista.

How does our platform work?

With Abilista you can choose the projects that fit your capabilities and availability, all from one place with no comercial expense to promote and to make grow your business.

Keep updated your account.

  • It’s indispensable you keep updated your business information.
  • To do this, go to My Account.

Connect with Stripe.

  • On your dashboard select Finances.
  • Here, you can watch your payments state.
  • It’s indispensable that you connect with Stripe and that you introduce your business information to receive payments.
  • Abilista assures your payments thanks to Stripe. When the client accepts your quote, we will collect the agreed quantity and retain it until the order is delivered.

Time to find a new project.

On your dashboard, choose the option Job Board to find new projects.

Choose a project.

Take a look at all available projects and choose the one that interests you the most.

What’s more, you can screen your search according to different criteria: location, process…

Let’s select one of them:

Once you have selected one.

Now you can watch all the information about the project, write comments to ask doubts, download the files…

IMPORTANT when you submit your quote.

  • Do not include bank information.
  • Do not include payment conditions..
  • The Abilista fee is part of the final quote, so it must not appear as a separate concept or in another way
  • The quote will be valid for 30 days.
  • Use contact information of the final client, not Abilista’s.
  • Itemise costs by component (whenever possible)
  • Itemise tooling cost apart.
  • Itemise sending cost apart.
  • Indicate the manufacturing time not the delivery time (this one can be indicated in the notes or in the offer depending on the chosen shipping method)
  • Indicate materials, processes, finishes, generic tolerances if they are different from those specified by the client.
  • Indicate other specs changes or clarifications in the Notes section.
  • To contact with the client, you must use the messages section of the platform.

Have you already sent your quote?

Go back to your dashboard to watch your offer status.

Has your offer been accepted?

Now it will move to Ordered and you can start with its manufacture.

Have you already manufacture the order?

  • Click the button “Mark as Produced”.
  • The order will be moved to Produced.

Now the client must approve the order.

  • You must send photos of the final product through the comments. Do not worry about the privacy. When the client chooses you as his manufacturer, only the client and you will be able to watch the comments.
  • The client has a 5 days period to approve the order. If he does not approve the order or does not open a dispute during this period, the order will be automatically approved and you can proceed with the shipment.


  • Once approved, send it as soon as possible.
  • In a 14 days period, the client should receive the order and check everything is correct. If there is no dispute, the payment will be released and you will receive it in your bank account. 

Send your invoice.

  • When the project is finished send your invoice.
  • Remember to use the final client information, not Abilista’s
  • You can send it through the comments.

Have you had a problem?

  • Tell us and we will manage it. 
  • To do this, write us to



Make sure to read our Partner Agreement for a detailed understanding of the terms of our collaboration


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