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How does our platform work?

You can turn your designs into a reality with Abilista

Keep updated your account.

  • It’s indispensable you keep updated your profile.
  • To do this, go to My Account.

Time to create a new project.

On your dashboard, choose the option New Project.

Upload your project.

In this menu you can name your project, write a short description and upload an image or a 3D model of it to help understand the final product.

You can attach other documents and classify it by assigning a purpose and a category. 

NOTE: It’s compulsory to fill out some fields.


Project ID

When you create a new project, an ID will be automatically assigned.

Thanks to it, we will be able to follow your project to give you the assistance you need in every moment.

¿Do you need help with your project?

You can schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

Upload the components.

Upload the different components in format STEP, IGES o STL.

We recommend to use the format STL for 3D printing. For the rest of the technologies you should use STEP or IGES.

When they are uploaded, select each of them to choose the manufacturing process, material, color, finish, quantity and tolerances.


Complete your project.

  • Fill in all the project information and complete the shipping address
  • When you have finished, click on Next Step.

Check everything is correct.

In the next step, you can pre-visualize your project check the information about it is correct.

NOTE: This is how the manufacturers will watch the project.

Publish your project.

  • When everything is checked, click on Next Step.
  • After doing this, click on Publish Project.

Your project is already published. 

  • Now our manufacturers could watch your project and send you quotes.
  • Go back to your dashboard and choose My Projects to watch your projects state.


Did you forget something?

You can access the project from your dashboard and write comments with the information which you have forgotten when you were uploading the project.

Have you already receive quotes?

  • Click on the project to watch the different quotes and choose the one you are most interested in.
  • You can receive up 3 different quotes.
  • Click on the price you can watch the detailed offer.


Do you have questions about the quotes?

You can send private messages to each manufacturer asking your doubts.

Choose a manufacturer.

  • Choose the manufacturer you want.
  • We use Stripe for the payments. It is not necessary that you register. 
  • Click on Pay now using Stripe and introduce your bank information to pay.

When the payment is done.

When you have done the payment, your project will appear in Ordered until the manufacturer mark it as produced.

When the project is manufactured.

  • As we have previously mentioned, your project will be visible as Produced.
  • What is more, the manufacturer must send you photos of the final product so that you can check everything is correct. He can do it through the comments (this communication way is now private between you)

Is everything correct?

  • If everything is correct you must mark the project as approved. In this moment it will be shown on Approved tab.
  • You have a 5 days period to approve the project. If you do not do it, it will be approved automatically and the manufacturer will arrange the shipment.

Delivery of the final product.

When you have approved the project, the manufacturer proceed with the shipment immediately.

You have a 14 days period to receive the shipment and to check it out. (In case you have a problem, you can open a dispute before the 14 days period finishes) 

Has there been any problem?

  • We have a dispute channel available on the platform. This is ONLY for extreme cases related with quality problems of the product or if the order has not been delivered.


Make sure to read our Terms of Use for a detailed understanding of how to use our platform


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