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Chat with our technical team and point out gaps in your product design or get advice on the right technologies and materials to use for your prototype.

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Explore and research design concepts for your project fabrication.


Prepare the right technical specifications and files to fabricate your product.


Decide between the different processes and materials available for your product.

Why consult an Expert?

When designing products it is sometimes difficult to find just the right advice without committing to a larger collaboration. We understand that sometimes all you need is that little help that will make all the difference.

A session with our technical team will help you:

  • Solve technical issues with your product
  • Get expert suggestions and guidance on the right technologies
  • Prevent mistakes by getting another pair of eyes
  • Get advice right when you need it


Most frequent questions and answers

Each session is typically 45 minutes of duration. You will get tremendous value for your product in each session.

*We offer a first free evaluation session of 15min.

When you choose a day and time that is available for a session you will be able to select a topic to discuss. 

You will be able to choose any available slot in our calendar. If you can’t find a suitable slot, get in touch at and we will arrange a suitable time with you.

You can cancel your scheduled session up to 2h before the session and you will get a full refund for any paid session.

We have a technical team specializaed on different topics related to product design and fabrication. You will talk with someone with the right expertise based on your project requirements.

Any data and files received from you will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with other parties without your consent. If you require an NDA prior to our talk, please send it to


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