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3D Multi Jet Fusion Printing

Publicado el diciembre 1st, 2020 por designer

Printing of parts using Multi Jet Fusion technology This innovative additive manufacturing technology allows the manufacture of prototypes or functional parts in a fast and cost-effective way, allowing to have very agile 3D printing services.  Multi Jet Fusion printing consists of depositing a layer of powdered material on which injection heads will “draw” the geometry […]

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3DFactory Incubator

Publicado el noviembre 14th, 2020 por designer

Abilista joins 3DFactory Try out Abilista’s new services that gets from the collaboration with the first 3D Printing Incubator in Europe.  Receive multiple quotes for your designs. Get Multiple Quotes Now Abilista has become part of the first 3D technology incubator in Europe. This is 3DFactory, an incubator that has more than 600m2 of pure […]

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Impresión 3D en cerámica

Publicado el noviembre 12th, 2020 por designer

3D Ceramic Printing Since the advent of 3D printers, prototyping has taken a radical turn.Companies can now face the manufacture of unitary components in a more agile and economic way than ever before.3D printing has been a revolution, from the manufacture of parts for aesthetic evaluation, to the printing of functional prototypes and, of course, […]

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