Accelerating Product Development

Abilista facilitates professionals to find the best suitable partners from our network of pre-vetted manufacturers and to turn their product innovations into reality.

Our Story

Abilista was born in 2018 as a service to help innovators build their ideas. With an extensive background in product development, we managed to bring many ideas to life. During this period, we realized how hard it was to find the right manufacturers for the right job.

Within 2 years Abilista has evolved to a digital platform connecting innovators with fabricators. We believe that in this global industry there is a need to get the creative minds closer to the expertise and foster collaboration between them.

Abilista was born to make those connections happen.

A Word From The Founders

Jesus Marti

Jesus Marti

Co-Founder CEO

I believe Abilista will make innovation and collaboration in product development more accessible to professionals and individuals building physical products.

We want to create a unique ecosystem of tools and services to help professionals build their products. We are focusing initially on prototypes but with a clear vision to fulfill all the custom fabrication and product development needs of our clients, starting in Europe, and soon expanding worldwide. 

Federico Marti Palop

Federico Marti

Co-Founder CTO

I hope our online platform offers you a simple and, at the same time, a powerful way of communicating your project information to the most capable manufacturers in the world.

My team and I are continuously researching new technologies and adding features that empower you to interact easier, faster, and safer in our platform, whether you are a customer or a manufacturing partner.

The Team that makes this possible

An Uncertain Future

Why We Have Built Abilista

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For Innovators

Innovators need access to the right resources to build products faster.

We offer a digital platform that aims to provide the resources that professionals need so they can build their ideas faster and collaborate with our network of expert manufacturers.

For Fabricators

Fabricators need a reliable and flexible source of work to become more agile.

We have created an online tool that helps manufacturers to expand and diversify their reach so they can find quality work and generate more revenue to take their business to the next level.

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