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Many products are not just simple models that you can print. Most products consist of several parts made of different materials and with unique functionalities. Prototyping custom products with the right quality requires a variety of skills and expertise that only specialized companies have.

We bring this expertise to you so you can materialize your designs!

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3D printing

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Gone the days wasted searching for suppliers, emailing them individually, generating multiple copies of files for each, sorting through quotes in disparate formats and negotiating prices. 

Instead, let quality quotes from qualified prototype manufacturers come to you.

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Access to a wide range of pre-vetted and qualified prototype manufacturers.

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You will get full protection with our secure payments. Funds are only released when the order is completed.

Anything you share remains confidential. We use Non-Disclosure Agreements with the manufacturers to protect your design.

Make Anything

Find everything that you need to bring your design to life.

Our qualified manufacturers can offer a wide variety of services to fit your needs and a combination of them to build prototypes of any complexity.

Appearance Prototypes

3D Printing (SLA, FDM)
CNC machining
Paint & coating Finishes
Silkscreen & pad printing
Laser engraving

Functional Prototypes

3D Printing (SLS, FDM, DMLS)
CNC machining
Urethane casting
Laser cutting
Sheet metal
Electronic board prototypes

Low Volume Production

CNC machining
Rapid tooling
Injection molding
Rubber and silicone molding
Metal & plastic extrusion
Sheet metal
Vacuum forming

Assembly & Testing

Product assembly
Ultrasonic welding
Packaging & protective film
Product testing & certifications
Material testing & certifications
Quality inspection

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A Marketplace for all your prototyping needs.
Get quotes from qualified prototype manufacturers in one place for free.